There’s a lot of hoopla surrounding this Phone. Over 90 cases of this Phone exploding or catching fire, a recall, and 2 more exploding phones that were supposed to be safe.

Samsung is in trouble. Their best phone is becoming dangerous to own. The big 4 carriers in the United States are flirting with not selling or supporting it. The Note brand is hurting right now and there may not be a remedy.

Should you get a Note 7 and roll the dice? I say sure, why not? The Note 7 recall was for 2 million handsets. Let’s look at 1 huge fact. Let’s round up to 100 cases of this Phone exploding. 100 รท 2,000,000 = 0.00005%. That is a pretty small number. The Galaxy Note 7 is this year’s flagship phablet phone. This phone comes with an amazing camera, more RAM than you’ll ever need, one of the newest Snapdragon processors, and the S Pen to name a few.

Worst case scenario is the phone blows up and you get to sue Samsung right? Lol.