My favorite thing in the world to do at concerts is to watch the mosh pit, find the biggest asshole and then destroy! When Cannibal Corpse is on stage the mosh pit is crazy as fuck. It’s psychotic. It’s ape shit. After standing on the edge, I made my way into the pit. Dancing, moshing and pushing was more fun than ever during this set. It was epic. Crashing bodies together with anyone that dared. At one point I was running in a circle, someone crashed into me and I pushed back as hard as I could. Boom. They landed on the ground. As I regain my balance another crash! Boom. Another body on the floor. I cleared the mosh pit. No one wanted to play with me anymore. I loved every second of it – and the next day I loved every bruise, scrape and sore muscle.

As I took my “old man” break I noticed 2 people watching Cannibal Corpse. It was a male and female and it looked like a couple. WTF? Holy shit. It was Ice-T and Coco.


What a cool as dude to come watch a crazy Death Metal band like Cannibal Corpse.

Check out this cool video of Cannibal Corpse Live