While you are surfing the web you should be aware that you are not as private as you think you are. Most websites are sophisticated enough to leave you cookies and collect all kinds of data from your trip to a website. The reason why most companies do this is to provide a better user experience. It is like the website knows you. Companies also do this to help their marketing efforts. With the data that they can collect they can determine the network the visitor uses, cell phone, software version, IP address and so on. This is extremely useful for companies to again provide the user with a great experience.

I have great news! Here at www.andrewpiegnet.com I strive to provide everyone with a great user experience as well. In the Privacy Policy of my website, it explicitly states that I collect information to provide users with better experiences and better website security.

Let’s show an example: When I go into my Analytics account I can set the date range for whatever dates I want. Let’s just set it for DEC 15, 2015 to JAN 9, 2016. Here’s some interesting trands:

Smart Phone

Samsung SM G360P Galaxy Core Prime LTE

# of Sessions

Average Amount of Time On Website

Pages per Session

Pretty interesting right? How awesome is that. Now the information collected doesn’t stop there. I can also block IP addresses that I don’t want accessing my website. For instance here, I can see that someone has no life and visits my web site all day long. On the right are visits and visits after I blocked the IP address. The IP addresses look like they are coming from Sprint Communications. I have gone the extra mile and tried to block the entire network by giving a range of IP addresses. I have blocked through

In conclusion, you are never anonymous online. Even using a Incognito window will not help. When a request goes to a website, the website is able to capture all of your information. The only thing an Incognito window does is it will not save website visits to your history. But remember, surf safely online, because websites are able to catch all kinds of information from you – down to the version of Android you use.