Beers Drank

Breadsticks Mauled

Nachos Inhaled

The best food ever is the food that has bold flavor. The best food ever should set itself apart from other food. The food above does all of that. Nachos should have depth and layers. Without the two you just have chips with cheese. Queso fresco, meat, cheese, onions, salsa, sour cream and avocados are a must. Nachos should be a meal not a snack.

What goes good with Nachos?

The only way to wash down nachos is with ice cold beer from the tap. Not beer like Budweiser or Coors – beer that matches the nachos depth and layers. Deep strong hints of hops, and barley are a must. Hold on…now I need a beer.


You have already heard me call Nachos a meal, but before any nice meal you need to warm up. An appetizer will help that beer soak up and get your stomach ready for the Nachos. What should we order? Breadsticks. With fucking cheese, and some dijon mustard dip. That’s right. Fucking cheese.