This burger was massive. It was epic. It was a MONSTER. Literally – it was called the Monster and I was scared. I met my buddy Norm at the University Hotel on Fremont Street in Stockton, CA for some drinks and food. After glancing at the menu it and being dared, I took the challenge. The bartender that night was an acquaintance and Norm helped fuel the pressure to get this burger and attempt to eat it.



The burger is 2 1/2 pound patties covered in cheddar cheese. Somewhere in that Monster there is a grilled onion, bacon, a pile of ham, tomato, lettuce and and egg! Honestly, this thing didn’t even fit in my mouth right. I knew if I paced myself I could take this evil burger down. One bite at a time I wrestled this burger to the floor. Washing every other mouthful down with ice cold refreshing beer. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. After about 15 minutes I had conquered the beast. Not only did I finish, but I did it in record time. I was King of the world, if only for that moment in time.