Brandon Carlisle, of Teenage Bottlerocket fame, has passed away. This is such a sad thing that has happened. I’ve seen Teenage Bottlerocket several times. I’ve seen them at tiny venues and bigger ones. The picture above is from the first time I saw TBR. It was 2012 and this was at 924 Gilman. The killed it! It was one of the raddest times I’ve ever had at a punk show. I remember meeting TBR. They were tired, and meeting up with friends in Oakland after the show. Brandon is the quiet one. He was so peaceful and goofy and just an all around nice guy. They’re all nice – but Brandon just has a different vibe about him. He’s got this nerdy quirky voice about him.

The second time I saw them was a month later with NOFX at a bigger venue. I was bummed out I didn’t get to hang with them. The set was amazing and I stood in the front row singing along to every word.

The third time I saw them was in Modesto on May 6th of 2013. I only remember this because they played Tijuana on Cinco de Mayo and then drove to Modesto to play a show. Brandon said he remembered me from Gilman, but who knows if that was true. They probably remembered me after the Modesto show. I was the annoying drunk guy that had a cast on, was way too big for any mosh pit, and was way too friendly. Somewhere on a hard drive I have pictures from that show.

The fourth and last time I saw TBR was February of 2014. They opened for Pennywise and although there were plenty of people wearing TBR shirts, I bought some cool TBR beer kozies – I paid with a $20 bill and of course it took Clint like an hour to figure out the math on what my change should be. Another friend of the band, Nicole Bones, was helping him out. I don’t remember much from that show. I do remember moshing along to every song and being mad that the set was way too short (They all are. I could watch them live for hours).

During Pennywise I needed an “old man” break from the mosh pit. I walked away from the crowd and bumped into Brandon. He was watching Pennywise with a huge smile on his face. I said hi and he said hi back and smiled. I thanked him for the set and we parted ways.

Being a fan of Teenage Bottlerocket has taught me that bands can be relatable and super friendly. You can’t just go to a NOFX show and hang out with the band. Or Pennywise, Rise Against, etc. But when you see TBR you might end up chit chatting with them for a while or partying with them. Listening to their music is what I do when I need good vibes. Each member of the band is such a great person and I can hear the fun on every song.

The saying that “the good die young” has struck again.

What a shitty day…