andrew piegnet

Saturday night and enough recovery time since New Years Eve. My Saturday started with pre-gaming around the house. Writing Blogs and drinking beer. Then a friend called and we decided to go out. Off to Basil’s Bar we went. Basil’s is tucked away in a nice part of Stockton, California. It’s an Irish Pub that has always been a popular hang out for me. I love going to Basil’s – I don’t get there very much these days.

Once we arrived, we hit the ground running. Shots of Patron! Chilled – the Silver. No need for salt or limes for me. Give me the shot with a beer back. I want the good stuff – not that cheap crappy domestic beer. Domestic beer tastes like a headache to me. On this particular night I was in the mood for Lagunitas. A nice crisp IPA – just like the weather.

Another shot of Patron.

Another Lagunitas.