We now live in the future! And along with the future comes very old problems that can be magnified with new technology. Cyber Bullies or Cyber stalkers are people that you know. Sometimes they confront you as themselves, but often times they are anonymous and hide behind their computer screen. Either way my easy steps to defeat them are easier said than done. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE! 

Step 1

Don’t pay attention to them. Don’t ever pay attention to what they write/post/message you/ or say to common friends. It’s possible. I know because I’ve done it. I never once looked at their social media accounts or responded to anything they tried to bait me in with. I had a psycho crazy stalker that tried to make my life a living hell, but the joke was on this person the whole time, because I never cared or kept up with what they did. And this person tried a lot. When they messaged me or tried to reach out to me I reported the message and blocked the account.

Step 2

Document everything. Screenshot and make a journal of everything that you notice. All of this can become valuable when seeking a restraining order or making a police report. Remember step 1? Please obey while doing step 2. A great way to handle the fine line between Step 1 and Step 2 is to hire a Private Investigator. PI’s can do the dirty work for you. They can find out much more than you can. Another plus is that you don’t have to look at the hatred, stupidity and threats of your cyber bully/stalker.

Step 3

Live life. Chances are that your life is much much better than the pathetic scum that follows you around the internet and posts about you or tries to threaten you. The reason they are doing all of that is because they 1. have no life 2. are extremely bored 3. have nothing else better to do OR 4. suffered emotional trauma at a young age and are stuck at that age mentally and don’t know any better. The BEST revenge is to live well. Go on with your life! Don’t feed into the pathetic crap these people spew. LIVE YOUR LIFE. It’s yours! Go enjoy it. I promise you that they aren’t. They are cowards.