Cooking is something I excel at. For me, it is easy to pick up and understand. One thing I love to do is BBQ. I literally throw¬†everything on the BBQ grill. I have a few accessories like some Grill-Mate baskets and those super cool Grill Mats. Grilling vegetables is a breeze with those things. On this particular day I grilled up some amazing chicken with some amazing seasoning that shall remain a secret. It is our secret. People love the stuff but we’re not giving it up. Also on the menu was corn and asparagus – which is not pictured here. Asparagus is amazing and if you live in the Stockton area you should buy local and attend the annual Asparagus Festival each April. This past year’s festival was amazing and marked a new path for the Festival for upcoming years.


The trick to BBQing chicken is to not play with it and trust your judgment and/or the clock. Pieces like the ones pictured don’t take all day to cook. These healthy sized pieces go for about 6 minutes on each side. After they are done, yank them off the grill and let them rest. They will continue to cook for a few minutes and be perfect a few minutes after that.


It is all about good judgement when you cook. Things don’t take forever. Corn and Asparagus certainly don’t take a long time. The best thing to do is to just heat vegetables through. I love tasting fresh produced that is cook but still has a bite. There is nothing worse than biting into mushy vegetables.


Hey Internet! I’ll be writing more frequently ¬†I hope. Gotta get that SEO up.