Simply put it is the people of the city of Stockton that will ultimately keep Stockton California from succeeding. And it’s not just the public that hurt the city. It is the people that govern this city. Stockton California wants to see their downtown – as any city wants, but Stockton spends so much money with no results..over and over again. No results. Stockton sees small peaks and deep valleys of economic decline in the downtown area. City leaders have continually spent tons of money building the Downtown area, and then when they don’t make money they expect the residents to pay the bill.

Just walk Downtown and see the vacant and trashy building spaces. Even the nice locations make ZERO money. There is a beautiful baseball park worthy of any AAA baseball team. Instead Stockton settles for giving s Signle A team an impressive stadium. All of the sell out crowd this season (probably 5) won’t be able to pay for this stadium. No one goes to the majority of games. Season tickets start around $300. And that is for good seats. LOL. No one comes because Stockton doesn’t care. Stocktonians really could care less. Don’t take my opinion for it – the facts are there. People in Stockton generally have bad attitudes. They think they are owed something for no reason at all. Stocktonians give dirty looks and are always looking for a confrontation. There isn’t a large enough population that is willing to show up and support local things because of this ghetto element.

Although there are cool people and a very cool company trying to remake the downtown landscape, the odds are stacked against them. The newest victim to close their doors downtown will be French 25. French 25 will close its doors on June 4, 2016.