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This is My Story

Andrew Piegnet was born in Stockton California in 1981. He attended a Private Catholic school for grades K-5. After Catholic school he went on to Lincoln Elementary and then the middle school then Lincoln High school. Immediately following high school he secured a job with the Record putting the Newspaper online each night. This was the early days of web design. Andrew Piegnet’s passion for all things internet started here a little earlier. During High School he learned HTML and Javascript on his own. During his junior year he took a Web Publishing class and helped develop Lincoln High School’s first web site. After High School and after the Record, Andrew Piegnet moved to San Jose and scored a job at the most valuable company at that time. For that company he worked on their biggest intranet web site, mentored other web designers and kicked ass. Andrew Piegnet continues to kick ass in the web design and online marketing field.

  • HTML 100%
  • WordPress 80%
  • PHP 60%
  • Kicking Ass 50%

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