Month: May 2016

The Biggest Reason Downtown Stockton Doesn’t Succeed

  Simply put it is the people of the city of Stockton that will ultimately keep Stockton California from succeeding. And it’s not just the public that hurt the city. It is the people that govern this city. Stockton California wants to see their downtown – as any city wants, but Stockton spends so much money with no results..over and over again. No results. Stockton sees small peaks and deep valleys of economic decline in the downtown area. City leaders have continually spent tons of money building the Downtown area, and then when they don’t make money they expect...

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Cooking with Fire!

Cooking is something I excel at. For me, it is easy to pick up and understand. One thing I love to do is BBQ. I literally throw¬†everything on the BBQ grill. I have a few accessories like some Grill-Mate baskets and those super cool Grill Mats. Grilling vegetables is a breeze with those things. On this particular day I grilled up some amazing chicken with some amazing seasoning that shall remain a secret. It is our secret. People love the stuff but we’re not giving it up. Also on the menu was corn and asparagus – which is not...

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