Month: February 2016

Hiking for 10.5 Miles!

Today I was back at it and went back to the same Black Diamond Mines Regional Park to do more hiking. My goal is to hike everything it has to offer and it offers 60+ miles of trails. So far I’ve done about 18 miles, but more importantly I’ve seen bits and partial pieces of so many trails. At this point I have a great understanding of the map, direction and trail names. I can count at least 9 different trails that I have had the pleasure of hiking. To name them, I’ve done the Nortonsville Trail, Coal Canyon,...

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Hiking For 7 Miles

Today I finally went hiking. I’ve been trying to plan a quick trip for a while now and I’ve let outside factors keep me from doing a nice hike. I decided on doing something ┬ánear Mt. Diablo near the Clayton and Antioch area. I settled specifically on the Black Diamond Mines Regional Park. My heart was set on doing the Ridge Trail to Prospect Tunnel, but the Tunnel is closed until March 1st. Already this day isn’t going as planned. As I parked I kept thinking about what the hell I was going to do. WWAPD? What Would Andrew...

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