Month: December 2015

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich is super easy to make. You’ll need the usual suspects. 2 slices of bread and a cheese that you like, and a small or medium sized pan on medium heat. Let it heat up nice and hot. Decide if you want to spice it up. I add bacon that was pre-cooked and onions. Be careful with the amount of cheese. Too much cheese is amazing but will over power the sandwich. Once your sandwich is put together I lightly spread butter on the bread. Then the secret. Lightly spread mayonaise on the bread as...

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Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

As the end of 2015 quickly approaches New Years resolutions are sure to flood the internet. People will claim that this year will be their year; new year, new me! People will flock to gyms, Trader Joe’s and diets they wanted to try. Don’t get me wrong… If you want to change your lifestyle then so be it, but shut the fuck up. Change is the only thing that will fuel change. Start now, start yesterday. Starting on New Years day is the same as starting “tomorrow,” or “next week.” If you’re a lazy, fat piece of shit, January...

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Samsung Wireless Charger

Several months ago I took part in a special study. As incentive to do the beta testing I was promised a free Samsung Wireless Charger. The beta testing was answering questions about my shopping habits and it was pretty easy. I signed up and started the program and totally forgot to finish it. Now it is over a month later and the beta testing is long forgotten. But then! Today I came home and I had a package. I thought it was something else and I opened it. Behold!!! My free Samsung Wireless Charger. Thanks Samsung. That hit the...

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