Month: September 2015

To Moto X or Not to Moto X

Again with my internal debate. Moto X or wait for Google to show up to the party. Androind M should have fingerprint support and the new Google Nexus phones which I hear will be called the Nexus 5+ and the Nexus 6P will also have fingerprint support. I don’t like patterns or pin codes, but I wonder if I would like a fingerprint scanner. Hmmmm. We shall see. Time is getting closer to put up or shut...

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The Longest Line

I am currently in The Longest Line, no not the NOFX album – a real life long line. Its pretty lame and I’m pretty much over it. Usually long lines don’t bother me. Disneyland doesn’t bother me, restaurant wait times don’t bother me and so on. Today is different. This line sucks...

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To Golf or Not to Golf?

When you don’t go to work the alternative is to play. Today was all business. I had errands and chores that I got out of the way. I cleaned up the garage and looked at cell phones for a while. I’m getting close to picking a new phone. The Moto X is the front runner, but I do want to see what Google has in store for us. One of the things I wasn’t able to do today was golf. Golfing is a pretty fun way to waste a few hours and have some fun. Maybe tomorrow I can get...

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49ers Looking For The Win

The 49ers and Vikings look very much like they are in Week 1 of the football season. Tons of mistakes and tons of missed opportunities have happened. In the end it looks like the 49ers will win this and head into Week 2 with a 1-0 record. Next week will be a much tougher game against the...

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Moto X Pure

This Moto X Pure is probably my next phone. Its So hard to pick a color and size. No matter which size I pick I will add a 64gb SD card to it. Where it gets hard is picking the size of the phone. 16gb or 32gb. Obviously the 16gb is cheaper but will apps be able to be moved to SD card AND function properly? Its always a shot in the dark as to good SD card support with android phones since 4.1....

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